Proper Care

Caring for your new bird always begins with buying the right cage. Since birds fly sideways, not up and down, a cage should be at least as wide as it ...

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Rabbits & Rodents

Popular Species

Keeping a rabbit or rodent as a pet offers many advantages over traditional pets like dogs or cats. They do not need licenses. They do not need much e...

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Fish & Aquaria

Best Places to Purchase or Adopt

Caring for fish is a complicated, but rewarding undertaking. Sourcing the animals is no different. What is the best place to purchase new fish? There ...

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Bulldogs are very popular among Americans. They're known as great companions and have amicable personalities with silly traits. English bulldogs (...

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General Information

Many Food Toxins Can Harm Your Pet

There are a wide variety of human foods which actually contain toxins that are dangerous to pets. What’s worse is that different animals obvious...

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