General Information

Pet Fashion Can Serve a Purpose!

Clothing for pets can be one of those hot button issues among pet owners. Some think it’s a great idea to dress up their pets. Clothes can be a ...

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Reptiles & Amphibians

Best Places to Purchase or Adopt

It has been estimated that the earth is inhabited by more than 8,000 reptiles and 6,000 amphibians. Some, such as the dwarf geko, are very small while...

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Home & Garden

Pest Control Keeps Those Critters From Your Home

A person’s home is supposed to be a safe and clean place. Unfortunately, a wide variety of pests may lay siege to an unsuspecting household. Pes...

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A New Dog House Might Please Your Canine Friend

Whether you have an outdoor dog who will use a doghouse as shelter or an indoor one who will use it as a "second home", an attractive house ...

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Proper Care

Caring for your new bird always begins with buying the right cage. Since birds fly sideways, not up and down, a cage should be at least as wide as it ...

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